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In the Center of Pine on AZ Highway 87
Directly opposite the Pine Post Office
Adjacent to the Pine Cultural Center

(928) 476-4475


What visit to rim country would be complete without a little slice of heaven after a great meal.
These wonderful creations go fast so be sure to consult our Dessert Board before you leave.

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About Us

Welcome to HB 's Place!

Marilyn and H.B. Patterson"H.B." stands for Harold Benard and, of course, we used the "P" for Patterson in "Place." Harold was born on this property June 15, 1937. His parents Ed and Celeste Patterson (along with many other loving relatives) are looking down and beaming all over that Harold, Marilyn and their family have opened up the "old store."

This property has been in Harold's family for five generations. His great-grandmother, Ellen Celeste Woodward Fuller arrived in Pine in 1880. Traveling with her was Harold's grandmother, Edith Wood­ward Fuller McCiendon. She was six years old. Great-grandmother Fuller was a mid-wife for many years. When it became difficult for her to continue, she had a building erected on the corner of her property and opened a general store. It was called "E. C. Fuller General Mer­chandise." She operated her store until she was 81 years old.

In 1911 she sold the store to son David. Harold's mother, Celeste, helped Uncle Dave (who had the first automobile in Pine) and was very good to him when he was ill. He died in 1924 leaving the prop­erty to Celeste. Grandma and Grandpa Patterson raised their family on this property.

Grandma and Grandpa Patterson built this building in 1955-56. They had a cafe, Mobil service station and post office. Grandma Patterson was the Post Mistress for 17 years in Pine. Harold was the luckiest kid. He always had all the candy and soda pop he ever wanted. At one time the Pine-Strawberry School held some classes in this building.

When Grandpa Ed died in 1981 and Grandma Celeste in 1987, this building was rented. It remained rented until Janu­ary, 2006, when one of Harold and Marilyn's goals was to have a cafe opened on this property that had so much history, memo­ries and LOVE!!! Harold passed away July 16, 2007, after nine years of illness. We love and miss him and will carry on his legacy.

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